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Underwater Dive Masks

Best Dive Masks for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Summer is the season of adventures and good times with your family and friends. Being in the sun and enjoying water sports is a blessing for anyone of any age. You have the opportunity to explore underwater marvels on your own or join your kids while they work on developing their snorkeling skills with our durable, safe, and stylish dive masks
The Keiki series is a full-coverage dive masks designed for smaller faces (kids 4-15 of age). Created for kids with rough use in mind, the Explorer swim goggles with nose cover are essential swimming equipment for any age group that will enjoy water activities this season. 

The Ulua series is catered to the adult adventurer with a focus on comfort and style. Enjoy the underwater beauty this summer with one of eight fashionably colored masks.  
All of our dive masks offer extra protection and safety: The special design assures a leak proof fit. The soft and odor-free seal around the wide vision panels is soft and resistant to temperature and element changes. The nose cover creates a snug fit to safeguard you or your little one in the water for a more comfortable swim. The length of the head straps can be easily and quickly adjusted according to your needs, thanks to the soft and resistant silicone bands and effortless locking plastic buckles. Used also as pool goggles and offers wide scratch resistant tempered glass lenses with many reliable properties: Protection from harmful UV rays, anti-fog characteristics to keep the glass clear inside and outside the water, and 180° wide viewing angle offering greater comfort and vision underwater.   We stand by our products 100%. All of our masks have been used and tested by our own family and friends while they created underwater adventures day after day.

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